Video conferencing has changed the way people communicate. With the advent of better technology and broadband, full high definition video conferencing is easily achieved, allowing for better collaboration and communication. Video collaboration is the new standard in communication. While delivering the required cost efficiency and operational effectiveness, our solutions are tailored to ensure a collaborative, more productive and ultimately happier work environment. Image Supply Systems are accredited to install all the leading video conferencing solutions from personal desktop systems through to tele presence rooms.


Video conferencing or video communications is the ability to communicate with other people as if they were in the same room. For video conferencing to really succeed, participants need to be able to see, hear and use meeting tools regardless of whether participants are in the same room or across the other side of the world.


Videoconferencing can speed up business processes and procedures in the same way that e-mail has revolutionized the way we share information. The most common reason for implementing video conferencing is to save travel costs.

We provide 3 type of video conferencing system:


  • Basic – Suitable for small meeting room or small group conferencing with build in mic.
  • Sound Bar – Makes group video calls easier and more efficient with smart frame and smart speaker functions.
  • PTZ – Video conference system with pan, tilt and zoom function camera. Suitable for Mid to large group or rooms.